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Posted on 2016-02-22 by Author Admin

Garage doors are mechanical objects which are used quite often. They are thus prone to breakdown and developing issues which might be strange to a home-owner A good example is a garage door closing very quickly and with a bang. This may be as a result of a serious problem that can cause serious bodily injury if left unattended. Its advisable for a garage door owner to have a clue to what are the probable reasons for such uncommon behaviour. Houston Home Garage Doors specialists explain 3 reasons why garage door closes very quickly, often with a bang.

Broken or loose garage door spring; Garage door closing and opening mechanism are supported by the garage door cables that are also responsible for managing the doors pressure as it open and close. The cables balance out the weight of the garage door. If the door is falling too fast, this means that the cables arent transmitting the garage doors weight to the springs so that there can be a proper balancing. Over time, garage door torsions and extension spring breaks or gets worn out. Subsequently, the springs become unable to balance out the doors weight as it opens and closes. This results to the door falling too fast with a bang when closing. Thus, the garage door springs becomes culpable and is the first part of the mechanism that deserves to be replaced or repaired. Please note that garage door spring torsions repair should never be undertaken by unqualified garage door repair technician as it carries enormous risks to bodily injury. Also be on the look out so that you don’t confuse this problem with garage door remote failure.

Poorly installed springs and cables; There are two types of garage door springs, thats torsion and extension spring that require utmost precision, expertise, and skill when doing its installation or when carrying out routine garage door maintenance. Torsions spring which wind and unwind the cable as the door opens and closes might have been wrongly fixed thus resulting to garage door closing quickly with a bang. This can easily happen especially if an unqualified handy man is hired to install or repair any aspect of the garage door including even garage door opener. An expert garage door technician input is thus invariably valuable when installing the garage door springs and cables. This is because garage door spring installation is an elaborate exercise that only a properly trained technician with in-depth skills can handle. Garage door spring repair is also a delicate and intricate exercise that should only be handled by a qualified technician. Hiring a half-baked or rogue technician who doesnt understand different semantics in garage doors springs terminologies and their application will definitely result in a faulty garage door.

Damaged or poorly maintained garage door track; garage door track can easily get damaged because of malfunctioning garage door mechanism. This can be as a result of broken cables, bent or broken garage door track, strikers splitting the track or displacement of the roller. These garage door track defects may cause the door to close too fast with a bang. Houston home garage doors are well endowed specialists capable of professionally carrying out such kind of repairs as well as garage door maintenance in addition to an exhaustive garage door inspection exercise.

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