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Posted on 2016-02-22 by Author Admin

Automatic garage doors are simpler and more convenient to operate as compared to their manual counterparts. Thats because they require no muscle power, requires no direct physical contact to open or close, and may of course be opened by use of remotes.

However, under some exceptional circumstances, the automatic garage doors may fail to respond to the remotes. Below are but a few common reasons as to why the automatic garage doors may not respond to remotes:

Signal Interferences

The remotes do emit signals that travel at a unique frequency to the garage door opener in order to relay the requisite instruction. In the event that more or less similar devices also emit signals of the same frequency within the homes vicinity, these frequencies are bound to interfere with those of the garage door remote, and in so doing, prevent the instructions to be conveyed appropriately to the garage door openers.

Less Remote Range

Different remotes have different ranges i.e. the maximum distance from the garage doors in which they may be used effectively. When pressed outside this predefined range, the signals may fail to reach the garage door opener antennae and consequently, fail to deliver the relevant instructions.

Antennae Problems

Garage door antennae are the components of the openers that receive the signals from the remote control and relay them to the circuit board for eventual interpretation and action. In the event that the antennae are pointing the wrong direction, have broken wires, are located outside the visible range or are generally damaged, their efficacy insofar as the receipt of the signals may be severely compromised and hence lead to unresponsiveness of the garage doors to the remote.

Faulty Circuit Board

The circuit boards are basically an intricate system of printed electrical circuits that receive, process, and transmit signals from the various components of the garage doors such as the key pads and the remotes. Any faults in them have the impact of interfering with their functions and consequently lead to the failure of the garage doors to respond to the remotes.

Dead Batteries

Batteries provide the remotes with the needed electrical energy to receive inputs, generate signals, and relay them to the garage door openers. Dead batteries are obviously not able to power the remotes which in turn may not generate any signals when pressed.

Power Outage

The automatic garage doors are powered by mains electricity in order to open or close. Power failures mean that the antennae and other components of the garage door openers are incapable of receiving any signals from and also respond to the remotes.

Call for Action

Inasmuch as some of the major factors that may hinder the automatic garage doors from responding to remotes such as dead batteries, antennae pointing the wrong direction, and power outages, are easily solvable by the average home owner, more are unfortunately too complex and risky to be handled alone.

The intervention of a competent and duly-qualified garage door opener service company is therefore by all means necessary. The Houston Home Garage Doors is but one example of such a company. It has been operational for longer, has a team of highly-skilled garage door specialists, has a very robust customer care department, and charges very affordable fees on all the services it has on offer.

The residents of the Houston, Texas area and the surrounding suburbs therefore have no other option but to outsource it. To get started, one simply needs to log on to the companys website: http://www.houstonhomegaragedoors.com/. All the necessary pieces of information are displayed therein. Whats more? A customer care specialist is always on duty and in constant anticipation of any incoming inquiries.


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