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Posted on 2016-10-19 by Author Admin

No matter whether you live in a vintage or a brand new home, youll often listen to some frankly unavoidable noises, be it a wind noise or a squirrel racing across the roof. However, all the noises are not normal such as the squeaky and creaky noise of your garage doors. These noises are the symptoms of hidden problems that sooner or later will lead to costly repairs. If such noises emerge, that’s when your garage door starts saying and warning you of the below-emerging issues. Take a look.

Its Springs Have Started to Wear Out

Springs are one of the critical parts of the garage door technical system. Any creaking or screeching sound while opening and closing of your garage door are a sign that the springs are forced to work harder that can eventually cause them to snap or break. Rust can be one of the major reasons for garage door spring failure. Choose a well quality spring according to the garage door category. For instance, if you have a heavy garage door fitted in your carport, consider extended life torsion springs. These torsion springs will hold your heavy garage door with much more strength and power as compared to normal garage door springs.

The Bearing Has Gone Old

It is important to provide your garage door with a regular bearing so they can move smoothly and safely. However, these bearings do not last forever and need continuous replacement. If your garage door is making noise in movement and is no more smooth, there are chances that the bearing has worn out. Insufficient amount of lubrication makes the rollers stubborn to move. It is advisable to inspect regularly if your garage door needs bearing is it can work smoothly for a long time.

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It Needs a Re-Balance

A proper balance of garage door prevents strain on the overall system to prolong safe and steady operation of the garage door and prevents it from rising or falling when not required. If it falls when it’s not supposed to, this can be a prominent indication it needs re-balance. The spring system balances the weight of the garage doors. During the time of re-balancing, the springs are changed, and new pair is fitted that can easily manage the weight of the garage park lot door.

Seek Expert Help

The above-mentioned problems are just a glimpse of the issues related to a garage door. There can be other reasons too for the malfunctioning of the door such as worn out openers, loose mechanism and more. Trying to find and fix the issues is not just a DIY attempt. You need an expert guidance and help of professionals. If you are facing issues with your garage doors, see only Huston Home Garage Doors. We are a team of skilled and experienced technicians who can deal with any issues related to your garage door.

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