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In order to ensure that your house and your family are safe, a garage door should be appropriately sustained periodically, as it has proven, in most homes, to be the weightiest moving body.

Has your garage door broken down? Does it need a proper maintenance and inspection? Are there any installation services that you require regarding a garage door? At Houston Home Garage Doors, our main objective is to respond to the above mentioned questions raised by our esteemed customers. We inspect doors, and our garage door inspection services, in Houston, can help you discover if you need any of the following -

Replacing and Restoration of Garage Door Cables

Many of these cables are known to be located from the drum situated all way up the top of the door to the foot section. Since they hold the weight of the garage, when broken, an immediate replacement is always guaranteed by a proficient person from our firm to avoid any further damage. Replacing the spring is demanding. The winding process can be so hazardous, if the repair is handled by unskilled personnel. A torsion spring is adjusted to yield energy by winding itself around a tube.Hence, we commend our technician to repair the damage.

How to maintain the garage door

When a garage door is properly maintained, it should then function efficiently for longer period of time. To our esteemed clients, we offer regular maintenance services that include:

Scrutinizing wear and tear – regarding this, our experts are skillful enough to be able to identify any sign of broken parts, i.e. cables, door springs, the rollers and other parts. All these parts of the garage door are under great pressure, both when in use and not in use.

Lubrication of the door parts in motion

Since these parts do require frequent lubrication, our experts are trained enough so as to ensure that after the installation, the moving parts are lubricated, through the application of aerosol spray using a baton.The following parts require more attention when it comes to the lubrication:

  • Latch device on the door –the key hole should be sprayed by a lubricant ,thereafter the key should be inserted in the keyhole and moved around, to consistently dispense the lubricant.
  • Rollers –uniform spray should be applied into the rollers, as if the lubricant is applied in excess, it will lead to the attraction of the dust, hence bringing a straining effect to the door movement.
  • Hinges located in the door boards –since they carry most of the weight, the lubricant should be applied uniformly on them. Since they lack rollers, after the application, the door should be swayed several times to evenly spread the spray.

often involves the installation of the rollers, cables, hinges, and the door itself as a whole. Our garge door repair technicians ensure that all the required spare parts are fixed in their respective positions to avoid any future defects of the door.

When it comes to inspection of the garage door, our experts ensure that:

  • All the features of the door are in place.
  • We offer periodic force tests, i.e. when the door is in motion, try to close it spontaneously using the automatic opener. If you hold beneath it as it closes and the door constantly moves to the front, it is advisable that you look for a technician to work on your door.
  • In case a door was originally fortified by an automatic opener structure, when the opener is off, the door should be able to be moved and lifted with ease, and either little or no resistance at all. If it is out of balance, then the owner should consult our firm for a better service.

For an efficient functioning garage, do visit our company website or give us a call.

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